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We Have Two Advertising Plans:

WesleyChapelCommunity.com serves about 1,000 views per day and we are growing each and every week. Our website is a great place to list your business ad and get exposure to thousands of local Wesley Chapel Residents!

Currently, we offer two plan types. 1) sponsored articles and  2) Static Sidebar Ads.

Sponsored Article (One Time Fee)

What is a “Sponsored Article”?
You provide a press release or introduction about your business to us to review along with some photos. Then we publish to story to our over 17 thousand subscribers from the area and they can read and learn more about your business. We then keep your article up on our website for at least one year with no additional fees or re-occurring charges. Here is an example of a sponsored story: Sample Sponsored Story

How much visibility will I get?
First off, we will email your ad out to about 17,000 local subscribers in Wesley Chapel as a part of our news feed. We also publish your story to Facebook, Twitter, and our Discussion Group.

Then your story will be permanently added to our list of sponsors. A list of our sponsored businesses is always visible here: https://wesleychapelcommunity.com/our-sponsors/We also include links to our sponsored businesses in the main menu, on the top and bottom of our website.

What does it cost?
This costs $100 per story and is a great way to announce a new business, or let locals get to know what you can do for them. Remember, there are no annual fees and that is a one time charge for publication. This has also been used to advertise a home for sale, etc.

Sidebar Advertisement (Monthly Fee)

What is a sidebar advertisement?

We will take your logo, photos, etc, and design you a custom advertisement that sticks on the side of every page of the Wesley Chapel Community Website.

On average, a sidebar advertisement will get about 850 showings per month. When a user clicks on your advertisement, they will be taken to your website, facebook page, etc.

We cover the cost of the design of the advertisement as long as you keep your advertisement active for three months.

What does this cost?

We charge a monthly fee of $45 per advertisement. We also offer discounts for paying for multiple months in advance.

  • 1 Month – $45 p/m
  • 3 Months – $40 p/m (Save $15)
  • 6 Months – $35 p/m (Save $60) + Includes a Sponsored Article

What do the ads look like?

Sample Advertisement

Ready to start advertising today?

We can have your ad up and running within 24 hours in most cases. Click “get started” to begin…

Check out our stats!

We use state of the art tracking from Google Analytics and WordPress Jetpack to track our statistics. Check out some recent figures below:

2017 Average Page Views Per Month (In Thousands)

2017 Total Social Media and Email Subscribers

Ready to start advertising today?

We can have your ad up and running within 24 hours in most cases. Click “get started” to begin…